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Can I check my current flight status?

To check the updated status of your flight, go to the official website of the particular airline. Retrieve your reservation details through the manage booking section, and explore the updated status of your booked flight.

How do I know that my booking is confirmed?

Once you make a booking with us, you will receive a confirmation email. That email will have all the necessary details about your booking. Check out the confirmation email to ensure that your booking is confirmed.

Can I cancel my reservation after confirming it?

Yes, you can cancel your flight booking after confirming it only if your ticket type or the airline allows you to do so. Go to the official site of the particular airline to explore its cancelation policy and cancel your booking seamlessly.

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Mint class

The most premium class is the mint class. This is the class with the best seats on the flight.

When you make a booking, you will find lie-flat seats on domestic premium flights.

The comfort and luxury of this class start way before entering the aircraft. One is eligible for carrying the 2 checked baggage, experience priority boarding and even get lounge access.

Web Check-in

Make check-in a hassle-free process by using the airlines check in option. Furthermore, you can complete it with ease by heading to the airlines official site. With this, one doesn t have to stand in long queues at the airport. The online check-in starts 24 hours prior to the departure time of the flight.

Pet policy of

According to the airlines pet policy, only small breeds of cats and dogs are allowed. Furthermore, the pet has to be in the carrier at all times and the carrier needs to be waterproof.

You can carry your pet with you only if its age is a minimum of 8 weeks.

Remember airlines do not provide checked services for pets. Therefore, there is no checked service policy for the animals. So, one needs to keep this in mind when making airlines booking.

Age restriction

In order to make the travel of your child safe, it is important to know about the unaccompanied minor policy before making the airlines reservations.

Under this, children from the age of 5 up to 14 must travel with an adult. Furthermore, to finalize the airlines reservations, the flyers need to pay the fee of $150 for one-way.

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